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The new Volvo V40

The new Volvo V40, representing the brand in the highly competitive category of premium 5-doors hatchback passed “Car of 2013″ by the Commission “Car of the Year for Greece”.

The Volvo V40 distinguished between 11 candidate models that participated in the final phase, who had qualified from all the new models presented in the Greek market 2012. It is worth noting that this is the second time in three years that Volvo model captures this distinction.

In this year's vote held Monday 10 December, voted 20 Committee members, Prominent journalists of the car, with extensive experience in print or electronic, daily or periodically within. The new Volvo V40 won first place with 91 points, followed by the Hyundai i30 65, Honda Civic με το 63, με το Opel Mokka 54, Volkswagen Golf με το 52. Completed the lineup - the ranking order - the Peugeot 208, Seat Mii/Skoda Citigo/VW up!, BMW Series 3, Audi Α3, Fiat Panda και Renault Twingo.

On behalf of Volvo Car Hellas award was received by CEO Mr. John Petoulis, who warmly thanked the committee members added: “Already in the early stages of development of the new V40 was apparent that Volvo had grandiose plans for the new model! Parallel, quickly found that the company would be faced with unmet demand worldwide, precisely because of the quality of the car, which led to the decision to postpone for later presentation of the V40 in the U.S., Canada and China. Despite the recession hitting the European car market, demand in Europe for the new V40 is already 20% more greater than that originally envisaged by Volvo Cars. In Greece the situation is even better, with orders to go 50% our initial estimates and all available for production for Greece 2012 να είναι sold out! The V40 has really set the bar very high and the title's Car 2013 that we will raise even higher!”

The new Volvo V40 represents the brand in the highly competitive category of premium 5-doors hatchback. It is equipped with systems and technical features from older models of Volvo - among them the pedestrian detection with automatic braking and collision avoidance system City Safety, which now acts to the 50 km / h – It is also the first car in the world with pedestrian airbag! Recently, in crash tests Euro NCAP organization, The V40 received a total 111 degrees, showing the best performance ever recorded, something that showed as the safest car in the world!

Beyond the top-and officially certified by an independent body - security, The Volvo V40 is distinguished by its genuine Scandinavian design, luxury and high quality. Boasts top dynamics, which was a primary goal of engineers from Volvo. Chassis and suspension are designed to provide thrills on the road and true driving pleasure. The engine range is complete, with those of 1.600 cc. to stand, offering superior power (gasoline T3 150 and T4 with 180 horses) and incredible economy (D2 diesel with 3,6 l/100km and zero road tax).

The interior has been given particular attention to driver and passengers to enjoy the tangible Scandinavian luxury. The new dashboard is characterized by graphic depictions of full panel - another first for Volvo car for this category. The TFT display offers the driver the individualized plan, increasing contact and providing a relaxed and simplified driving experience. Other items to gain the impressions is the top quality materials, The panoramic glass roof, the central flowing console that seems to hover between driver and passenger, The choice of seven colors theatrical lighting, the interior mirror frameless, the infinite possibilities of connectivity with the audio system and many other.

But equally important is the fact that the new Volvo V40 is available for’ what it offers, something that certainly borne particularly to the Committee. Including retirement benefits, Volvo V40 με το νέο 20.970 €, offered to the rich level of equipment Optimum.