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...since 1960
fatouros motors apo to 1960
since 1960
  • 20 years in Sweden
  • 36 years in Greece
axiopisto oikonomiko service volvo
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metaxeirismena antallaktika volvo
Used Parts In all our used parts we offer 1 year warranty
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Fatouros Motor

Our company has a long experience in the market of spare parts and repair of Volvo cars since 1960. Fatouros motor was founded and operated in Sweden for 20 years with a great success.

The company was transferred to Athens in 1980 and became the largest independent supplier of Volvo parts in Greece, offering both new and used spare parts for all the Volvo models.

A very imporant part of the company is our workshop which provides excellent technical support and service for your Volvo car...